Kiyonna Seaside Serenade Women’s Top


Seaside serenade women’s top: Buy a lovely top. Today’s sale offer. Good fast shipping. Nice home delivery! Fashionable top! Classic modern look!

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This kiyonna seaside serenade women’s top is the perfect silhouette for all curvy body types. The extra chich feature at the waist will only accentuate your fabulous curves even more. Lovely soft touchable top. Extra gathering on the cap for added detail. Hot seaside floral serenade plus size top. Maintaining your chic style top. Feminine style!

The cross-over neckline is great for adjusting the wrap to your preferred coverage and you will love the short sleeves. Sweet designs kiyonna seaside serenade women’s top. Maintaining your chic style top. The top will live up to its name as you exude playfulness. Feminine style. This top is available exclusively in women’s plus sizes.

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Kiyonna Seaside Serenade Women's Top